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Hello : )


Music: Just Be Friends Remix Album (and I was just listening to the song a few days ago knowing nothing)

Yunomi has announced on her blog about the process of the JUST BE FRIENDS (JBF) REMIX ALBUM. Yunomi has been famously known for her shoujou style art, and has provided the movie images to many promotional videos, including Just Be Friends by Dixie Flatline and performed by Megurine Luka of the Vocaloid series.

The remix seems to be done in a similar style as EAGER LOVE REVENGE -koi ha sensou/love is war- released at the comicmarket on the 25th August 2009.

Yunomi's illustrations for Just Be Friends will also be combined into a fifty page booklet (A4 size). I am not entirely sure about the contents due to my lack of japanese. The remix album will feature the following composers, similar to LOVE EAGER REVENGE.

JBF RemixAlbum

作詞/作曲 : Dixie Flatline
1.トモダチダッテサ MIX / sasakure.UK
2.NTMGmix / baker
3.Hard-R.K.mix / cosMo@暴走P
4.ごめんなさいremix / ラヴリーP
5.mintia mix / minato(流星P) RyuuseiP /Tourai
6.80's winter discotic mix / マチゲリータ
7.Punk Ballade mix / Dios/シグナルP

Mastered by Dios/Signal at TWINKLEDISC STUDIO

The album will be released at Comic Market 77 on 30/12/09 between 10:00am-4:00pm.
Location: Ariake, Tokyo International Exhibition Center,
Venue: East Hall A-74a
Circle: twinkledisc

The album and the illustrations booklet will be sold together as a set. The disc may eventually be released and sold at www.toranoana.jp .

This information has been republished from (but not plagarised, except for the tracklist) yunomi's blog http://yunomi.blog.shinobi.jp/ of which I encourage you to visit and see her personal news and images. Please visit her blog to see a preview of the JBF illustrations booklet cover.

=) レム-さん


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Wah,I hope I can get this one , I'm a big fan of yunomi!

her art is pretty amazing.

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