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Hello : )


Holidays XD

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It's been so long since I've written anything here ;___;

And my holidays feel nothing like holidays... homework, babysitting, cleaning the house, watching a few vids every here and there. Sigh~

Just watched Toy Story 3 (in 3D) on Thursday and it was great! A thrilling and brilliant ending to the trilogy. Watching it in 3D was okay, though it wasn't very involving with the audience. I wish I watched 'How to train your dragon' in 3D, there was more interaction with flames and rocks... But TS3 had some very emotional moments. ;__;

Seeing Andy all grown up made me think... "what am I going to do with all my toys? Give them to my cousins? But what if it breaks?" orz. So my room is still full of... uh, collectibles and manga... but 40% of them are hidden in cardboard boxes under my table. After moving things around in my room,it feels so much more stuffier than before. Might have to change it back after I finish my homework...

Anyhoo; currently I'm enjoying these two songs XD

Yay! <3 BuzzPanda and Himawari~

Well, bye-bye for now... I hope I can be a little more active here this month. Or else, August is going to be a fun month with all mine and Yuki's manifest preparations.

I'll probably be going as Taiwan (from APH) and Kei (from Cencoroll)... now... how to make Cenco? >____<



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weee urayamashi~ you already had holiday. I had to take extra class on my holiday and preparation for fest OTL

You had 3D television? (From the way you said bout 3D ts3) more jealous Xp

And you gonna cosplay Taiwan? O.o seems fun schedule

2010/07/04(Sun) | kuku311 | URL | Edit

Yeah, a 2 week holiday but I still have holiday classes (>___< totally ruins the point of a holiday)

And nope, I watched the movie at the cinemas. We had to wear these glasses...they hurt my ears LOL.

& yep Taiwan cosplay! I need people to start calling me Kei or Taiwan to get used to the cosplay =___=;; or else it would be awkward if I don't reply when my character's name is called. XP

2010/07/05(Mon) | RemmyURLEdit
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