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Hello : )


ZARD; still miss you

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So close to Izumi Sakai's /ZARD's death anniversary now. It is only in a matter of days when we fans feel closer and share in each other's support and comfort.

My tears this year will be different. I usually grieve, cry and get horribly sick for a few days because of... well, depression I guess?

But this year has been a year of radical change. I started a blog. I met a lot of nice and supportive people online who totally pwn the majority of Australians I know <3. I hauled 60% of the junk (including manga and anime) out of my room.I rolled around like tumbleweed, not knowing how to deal with matters until I get pushed in the right direction @___@. I should have tried harder, sorry XD.

But, while reorganising my music files, I came across ZCBG-rand. ZARD Copy Band G-rand reminded me of the good old days, despite sounding different from the original. They presented a somewhat refreshing sound of ZARD.

ZCBG-rand site


Hmm... what to do for her anniversary? Draw something? Make something? Talk to the ZARD group on Facebook (XD)?

I haven't decided. But, if I do cry, I'll be smiling too. It's time to not look at her departure as a tragedy, but a part of the beautiful nature of life. Yay!


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