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Hello : )


Translation: Here and Gone /Xuất hiện và biến mất by Thuy Linh

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Original work

Yes, Ran-neesan, I know I'm supposed to be studying for Vietnamese, but this is studying too! Well, I was bored on Sunday, and on Saturday night, I was occupied with reading these nice Vietnamese short stories that I haven't read in a while :)

I quite enjoyed them. I actually bought it for the pictures, but the content was very ... um, cute I guess. If you have the time, just read a little and relax...

Um, I apologize for any grammatical and other errors in advance. XD
Pages were oh so pretty !!!
handg01 handg02 handg03


The five periods have ended. I carried my heavy bag and sped out of the classroom like a vehicle, as if to leave everything on the road behind me in a gust of fumes. I had made another silly error costing me two marks in that important test! And Ha, a friend of mine, trailed behind me in her hippy-hiphop style clothes. Speak of the devil...
It was another 500m until the closest bus stop. Something, blue like the sky, strides past my face. Fazed, I realised it was the colour of her shirt. Blue was my nickname for her :) Forgetting the anger, I pushed through the crowd in order to get closer to her. But, speak of the devil, I arrived as the bus did.

Too late. She had left. I leaned against the bus sign and sighed.

Ha finally arrived on her fancy motorbike (I don't get Vietnamese slang, so I can't translate the actual vehicle type.) and asked me curiously:

- Which flower are you chasing now? Haha, life is like that, always chasing...

In such a situation, all I could do was laugh, ha ha. Although I also wanted to shove my bag into that big mouth of hers. But, concerning this personal problem, I was very glad that Ha did not know about my objective, the person I was chasing. I could read her like a book though, so I could pretty much estimate where this conversation was leading. Ha would use a few methods to divulge into my thinking, probably through teasing and stuff.

But the teasing never lasted long. Like always, she discovers the full story within a week.

-So, you've been chasing after that girl in the blue blouse this past month? The way you were acting was quite obvious... like a fool in love XP

-Yeah, I'm so lost. I have no idea how to even start the small talk...

-Silly! You're a guy (At this, I cringed). Why not let me get to know her first? Hehe.

-Oh please. You are going to freak out Blue with your wacky Hippy/ Hip hop style. If you are as great as you think you are, why not get yourself a boyfriend and leave me alone???

In a minute of silence, I saw her face flustered like never before. Was it something I said? Without enough time to think, Ha turned and said:

-Okay, as you want. You've felt bothered by me that much?

From then on, that hippy/ hiphop girl practically disappeared from my life. At the end of class, she would leave to the parking lot, and go straight home. Without a word. But I guess I didn't really pay much attention to that. I was occupied with the loss of the person I used to confide my secrets and wishes to... But more important than that, was the immediate need to rush out when class is over to get to the bus stop. The reason being: Blue.


Blue attended a different school. Her bus stopped here before going elsewhere. Which meant the only time I could spend with her was at this bus stop, and only here. From a distance of 5 metres, and the 5 minutes I spent with Blue, I've discovered interestingly enough that she would only eat bread with her right hand and other pastries with her left :D. I've also noticed the interesting arabic curves on the back of her bag, and after much studying in the library, I learnt that the words simply meant "Hello". Once I discovered that, the idea of actually approaching and speaking to her ran through me. It was nothing hard, a simple wave and a friendly "Hello". Something that could be easily done, I reassured myself.

Blue greeted back to me in the most simple and carefree way ever, that I began to think what a fool I was to not say something sooner. From then on I had a precious 5 minutes that I always looked forward to. Blue was a treasure of stories, from old fables of the past to the gala shows of every weekend, her musical knowledge from Beethoven to BoA... Time just went by slowly. As we spent 5 minutes a day together, 30 minutes a week, I had more questions I wanted to ask her about. It wasn't only once that I had hidden a rose in my pocket, with the intention to give it to her... or the feeling of paralysis as she waved good bye and walked into the bus. Things were always pretty good, despite my inability to do nothing much. At least it was until she suddenly disappeared.

Without a sign, I continued to wait at the bus stop like a fool.

Ha looked at me compassionately. I felt that gaze continually when we were in the same class. But I didn't care. No one understood what I was going through.

Only I knew. And clearly. It was the empty space of that missing five minutes everyday, thirty minutes every week, one hundred and twenty minutes of every month that carved me...There, my time with Blue was kept in silence. And it is there where I waited for her.


The time I spent waiting brought nothing. To prevent myself from laziness, I applied for a study course and a part-time job as a waiter at a small cafe. As my time has become more occupied, time slowly healed that little space of 5 minutes. On a day in April, I realised I had stopped feeling so sad. She was just a girl in a blue blouse after all, and headed off in a direction unlike my own.

- Second table, a sweet cake and a Fanta.

The supervisor's call brought me back up to working speed, after being temporarily dazed by my thoughts. As I brought out the orders speedily, I realised that my old hippy/ hiphop friend Ha had called. With the usual flick of her wrist, she asked jokingly:

-Would it bother you if I invited to you to some cake?

I raised my eyebrows, but I was greeted with a friendly smile. Seeing no reason to refuse, I seated beside her. I called for her another plate and glass.

-You're forgiven.

I believed I had the right to tell her that. She laughed happily, while looking at me with the cake in fascination. Ha smiled:

-Looks like you're better now. Sweet food always helps to lift up spirits.

-Lucky I don't need to watch my weight like some people, eh?

It's been a while since I've been able to joke.

-Pfft. I don't care about the scales. Here, a present for you. Happy Birthday.

The way Ha talked and push forward her present nearly made me choke on the cake. I was surprised and sublimely happy. I had completely forgotten about my birthday, as with my sadness towards Blue, and other things.

Without a word, I began tearing off the wrapping paper of my present. Woah... a container full of glittering stars.

-1204. 1204 stars I folded for every one of your wishes.

1204, for my birthday. April 12th. I smiled with her.
Perhaps I only had a single wish after all...

Well, I had to stay back and work an extra few hours because of my surprise birthday. By the time I finished, the sky was dark and I waited again for the bus to come. Ha had gone home a long time earlier. Her container of stars lay still in my bag, containing my secret wishes. And, an unbelievable coincidence, it had come true. I saw Blue. Same old blue blouse, same old bag with the arabic writing. With the same influxuation, I pushed through the crowd, but with no real reason. Blue had stepped from the bus and headed away. Once again, she was here and now, gone...

The bus finally stopped near my home, finally calm and collected. I lept from the seat and rushed out and took a deep breath... before realising I had forgotten to thank Ha's efforts in folding those 1204 stars. And bringing me closer to that wish. And Blue may only had appeared and gone just to remind me that I have grown, and matured.

There's my 4 hours of hard work :D and constructive dealing with complete boredom!


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