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Hello : )


The February Obsession

Category : Me me me!
Is it just me, or is my blog hit with a virus or something. My friend list has weird characters (and maybe it's because I can't read jap, buuuuuut.....)

I think I've become a little too obsessed with Supercell now. Every day is like: 'Supercell is awesome.' And then I go poking around at other people giving them the brief history of Supercell : 'Ryo this, Nagi that, Redjuice this, Miku Hatsune that.... blah blah blah...' I wonder how many people actually listen to my rambling anyway, maybe two people in my area, if I'm lucky.

And although I'm finally in the 'yr12 mood' after two weeks and a half of year 12, I am still letting myself get distracted by Supercell and other stuff. Like drawing in class when I'm supposed to be doing maths, and graffiting my diary and other stationary with the supercell logo. My ipod is going to be the next item I will be Supercell-ing, by plastering it all over with 'Melt' {na na na na na na na~). I'm going to be working on a Supercell logo cross-stitching template, and maybe other covers eventually too... although I strongly doubt anyone would be using them. And finding colours and their code for things like this is tiring T__T I'm testing out the template for the cross-stitching at the moment, but I ran out of thread....

Pickies under the cut {in the cut? is it called a cut? I'm a tad bit confused here...}sayonaramemories01sayonaramemories02worldismine01supercellxstitch01
I wonder why my laptop screen looks so.... BLUE?
I'm currently working on some more art (It's a pity I'm not doing art as a major subject in school as that's where most of my time gets spent up >u<) for.... you know... you can guess which events are coming up next. Probably Conan's Birthday, or Conan's Birthday, or....
{actually, it's a SUPRISE!}

Thanks for dropping by whenever you have the time >u<


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Hey there!

Finally able to post a comment on your blog ;D

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