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▽ レム ▽

Author:▽ レム ▽
Hello : )


Miku Miku~ Valentine's Day art!!

Category : Me me me!
Here's Miku!
The original & attempt at colouring it on computer

Obviously influenced by 'Love & Roll' by Supercell, vocals- Nagi >u< Sayonara Memories on sale now OH GAWD!

I think I did a swell job of it seeing as I've never done such a task before. It took me around two days and a little cheating >n<. I used the textures for the clothing from this Japanese Textures and Patterns book I bought for around $70, and I never really had any use for it until now. Um, and the background was from like $3 paper. I still do not understand how people can get away with selling a piece of patterned paper for three dollars.... but I'm one of their victims so... sigh~ like no wonder I have no money T^T

Um.... *me with my judgemental cap on* I admit I kind of screwed it up. I can't do skin tones.... *sob, I failed you Miku~ plez forgive me!!!* But I think I did the hair okay.

Please don't notice, please don't notice- Miku has no eyebrows. I can't draw eyebrows. Gomen ne

Edit: I've noticed this a while but never had the time to point this out. And I think it would also be a bit awkward to post three blog entries today >n<. So yah~ Anyone who has been on the Starry Sky website would have noticed that there is a SECOND SEASON OF THE STARRY SKY DATE CDS!!! KYAAAAAH!!! *fangirling~* >u< actually, this is like, for the girls only so ahah~ honeybee is going to continue milking money from their fangirls BIGTIME. AND THERE'S LIKE 2 GUYS FOR TWO MONTHS IN ONE CD~ so hopefully it'll be half the price? Pleaze HB? I'm kind of peeved that ~Scorpio & Sagittarius~ is to be released next year in February, cuz I like Miyaji-kun, cuz he is awesome ^^. Yep, I guess that is all for now. Jahnah~ From Rem ^u^.

P.S I think I'll be reverting to my previous theme soon. The gray whiteness is starting to bug me. Maybe it's becuz I'm a night person.


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