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Hello : )


Lalalala~ Happy Birthday to you!

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It's Youhko's Birthday soon! YAY! (I'll be going on study camp the day after tomorrow, so I don't think I'll have the chance to say hi ^^).

And what do you know~ I've finished it yay! {dot dot dot dot dot}

And I've finally finished the birthday present that I've been working on for the last three weeks. I've truly enjoyed being able to work on such a project- because to me it kind of was, a temporary portal to self discovery and a projection of my own dreams, and wishes for Youhko to be smiley all the time too!

I've had quite a few struggles with the sewing and cross-stitching of the wallet, after accidently skipping a line and throwing off the whole thing, but luckily, the company which provided the string and material gave me plenty to work with (unlike the keyring I was working on previously, grah~)

I'm finding it a little difficult to accept that I've finished the wallet, on Monday afternoon in my study/free periods. It was just a sudden realisation that I won't have something to do anymore (& have to focus on my studies, but hahah). I've grown towards it so much that I feel that it's a part of me, a recollection of my swerving emotions, being woven in and out of the wallet. A vibrant glow of trying to maintain a positive approach to it, with subtle feelings of vain (of not being able to finish it in time) and sadness (when I heard my grandfather had a stroke over the weekend). I want to keep the wallet so much, but I feel that it is pointless to do so, as I had made it with the intention to give it to Youhko, and it would be meaningless not to do so. Parting it feels kind of sad... keeping it feels the same too...

So yep... Happy Birthday Youhko! >u<~ And I'll probably finish your birthday card afterward as I'm very stuck on ideas. And while I was buying stuff to make Youhko's card, I officially became BANKRUPT. I'll talk about it another time though. It mainly concerned anime- Ponyo & Persona.... ( a hundred dollars gone in two days my god. Which is why I hate going to major shopping places, though anime is limited... it's a giant kick in my hip poketto.)


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