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Author:▽ レム ▽
Hello : )


Ame Ni Saku Hana~ May'n

Sigh Sigh~
Ame ni Saku Hana has jumped up onto my favourite list.
While I was scurring around youtube, I found Ame ni Saku Hana/雨に咲く花 by May'n in 2007.

The music is heavenly, and May'n's style is shown quite subtly. Her voice is usually much more powerful, but many of her songs have power, so I believe that her taking of this song, shows her ability to adjust to the mood that she tries to portray.

Here's the youtube link if anyone wants to listen:

For those who don't know May'n : wikipedia link

In brief: She's an extremely young (20 y/o) and talented J-Pop performer. Her full name is Mei Nakabayashi. In 2005 she debuted with the single 'Crazy Crazy Crazy' under the name MayNakabayashi. She had a few other singles, and an album released I think.
But her fame didn't really rise until 2007 where she had been chosen to be the singing seiyuu (voice actor) of Sheryl Nome, in the anime Macross Frontier.
Her most famous songs are probably 'Diamond Crevasse' and 'Lion'.

For singles/albums previews, please visit May'n Street @ livejournal
Remember, if you download and like it, please support the artist by purchasing her cds!
~now, 'scuse me while I continue to wish for May'n to come perform in Australia

Preview of her concert: May'n ☆ Act. See the power? And the crowd is just pure awesome <3


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