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Sayonara Memories PV & Lyrics

Category : Category: Music
As in a previous post, I have announced the news of Supercell's 2nd Single Sayonara Memories to be released on the 10th of February 2010. Recently, full versions of Sayonara Memories have been uploaded to Nicovideo and Youtube.

A friend, Youko/Jason, has recently pointed out to me, that he has recieved the link to the PV at his blog at wordpress (from another friend). /NOT THIS TIME/ ---link

The PV has been so beautifully done! All the special effects... it's wonderful! And is that really Nagi singing?! <3 Sigh sigh~ it's going to go on my ipod & PSP for a long time now... fufufu

Any one up for a promotional download?
1. Sayonara Memories {full version} .mp3 file
2. Sayonara Memories {PV} .mp4 file
Links: @ nicovideo.jp / @ youtube
3. Sayonara Memories {supercell.jp/flash} .flv file
Links: @ nicovideo.jp/ @ youtube.com

I am currently trying to get permission from managarmr to link back to their full japanese/ english lyric translation. If in desperate need of the translations, I suggest you google the site and lyrics.

Until then *fingers crossed*
Rem-san ^^

This post is another promotional post. Of which I gain no profit, nor intend to infringe any rights. I will remove any content if requested (provided that you provide me adequate reasons as to why you would like it to be done). Other than that, I am so looking forward to when I can get the cd! >u<


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