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Inside my mind

Hello/ How are you :)
Good Day!

▽ レム ▽

Author:▽ レム ▽
Hello : )


OMG OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! 100 HITS!!! / Picspam (?!)

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Sorry, but supercell intervened.

Okay! Another supercell update... They changed their official page again! A FLASH VIDEO OPENING! Okay, that just proves how much freetime I have for updating/stalking the supercell official website. Other than that, its the same as the previous supercell info post.

And thank you all so much for one hundred hits! I ended up doing a few pictures this morning,though they are not upload worthy T_T. Um, feel free to take, and sorry about the quality, because not having a tablet or a scanner stinks, and camera shots are difficult.

Other than that...Thank you thank you thank you, from the depths of my heart.
I hope to see you all again! <3 レム-さん
100 hits
Argggh! I wish I could draw better. Um, this image was drawn pen only so it's probably terrible. Sigh~...so desperate for a tablet.

Again, another terrible image by myself. This image is dedicated to Usa-chan. She woke me up from a depressing New Year's Eve/Day. Go Usa!

Um, a girl in an apron. Because I've always thought of my blog as a shop. And visitors are doing window shopping! (unless you download, which means you'll eventually buy the cd's and official stuff right?! If not....support the creators please?)



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Wow, nice drawing :) I envy you since I can't draw much. My only good drawing is a stick human (here's called "Manusia Lidi" I dunno what's the English word for it >_<, a drawing of human using 1 circle as head and just 5 line, each for body, 2 hand and 2 feet Xp ) and even my coloring is bad >///<

Btw, I'm wondering what's this tablet?? some kind of pen?? its a new word for me Xp
O<-< a stick human lolz

2010/01/02(Sat) | kuku311URLEdit

Nice artsies :)
and wooh uttatemita fan?

I love Usa! and her UsaColony XD;

@kuku311: a pen tablet is what you use to draw at the PC :)

2010/01/02(Sat) | YouhkoURLEdit

@Youhko owh it's for drawing in the PC
I just only saw 1 or 2 of them in my life >///<; since I only know mouse to do everything in my PC Xp

2010/01/02(Sat) | kuku311URLEdit

Yep, as Youhko-san says.
& about Usa, I just discovered her yesterday. I was undergoing a little depression, and I heard her version of 'Last Night, Good Night'....It was angelic <3...kyaaah

And Youko, you have a nice blog site (KAITO banner *squeeeee*) . Also, have you heard of the album 'Toybox' by OneRoom .feat Miku Hatsune?, from Y to Y was one of the few songs that featured in the album. I can post it up for you if you're interested.

2010/01/02(Sat) | レム-さんURLEdit

Mmm thanks :) about Toybox, I already have it here .. I love OneRoom!

Thanks though, and nice to meet you too! :D

2010/01/02(Sat) | YouhkoURLEdit

Re: No title

> Mmm thanks :) about Toybox, I already have it here .. I love OneRoom!
> Thanks though, and nice to meet you too! :D

I thought that you would have it^^
No one should have to miss a copy of that.....*presses cd copy to cheek* ahhhh so glossy...

2010/01/02(Sat) | レム-さんURLEdit

Only the administrator may view.

Only the administrator may read this comment.

2010/01/02(Sat) | | | Edit

^- I think I clicked the Private comment lol.

Btw, do you have a nicovideo account? : )
I found a good acoustic cover of from Y to Y!

2010/01/02(Sat) | YouhkoURLEdit

nico account

Yes I do! >>of course, that's why all the clips that I preview from youtube have their original nicovideo weblink.
Send it to me here?

btw, do you use msn?

2010/01/02(Sat) | レム-さんURLEdit
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