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Hello : )


2010 IS HOURS AWAY.... how does it feel to be in 2009's last hours?

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Yatta! Today is the last day of 2009. How are you all grasping? NYE always is a strange time because I always have to configure what year is the new year (too many calendars for the new year that I forget what year I'm living in ^////^)... Well, what does the New Year bring?
Temples, Wishes, Good Luck and New Year Resolutions!

Hmmm..... for the new year I would like:
**to pass year 12
**work harder than ever before
**make happy memories
**be committed to this blog and post at least once a month

Wish me luck *fingers crossed*
And I hope all your wishes will come true in the New Year, and you will follow through your resolutions ^^ <3 レム-さん

On the side.... I would really love it if someone would get me a tablet... a good functioning one... maybe Princeton's x Pixiv? (Yeah, I wish but not enough Information or recourses T_T) For the meantime, my only resource is a mouse..... mygoditssuperhard.

with credit to yun photoctock for the fireworks image at http://www.yunphoto.net/en/

edit at 8:35pm VN time: OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! 95 hits? I was sure it was around 60 hits this morning.... OMG! 5 more hits 'till 100. Imagine 100 hits for 2010! I would be so estastic! Yeah! Well... my fingers will be crossed!



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Hope all your wish will become true too in the New Year ^_^
Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year 2010 XD

2009/12/31(Thu) | kuku311 | URL | Edit

Re: No title

> Hope all your wish will become true too in the New Year ^_^
> Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year 2010 XD

Thanks!!!! Just did a comment at your blog again ^___^

2009/12/31(Thu) | レム-さんURLEdit

Congrats for 100+ hits ^_^

2010/01/01(Fri) | Kuku311 | URL | Edit

Happy new year ^^
fellow supercell fan : D

2010/01/02(Sat) | YouhkoURLEdit

Re: No title

> Congrats for 100+ hits ^_^
Yay! Image dump!

2010/01/02(Sat) | レム-さんURLEdit

>Happy new year ^^
>fellow supercell fan : D

You too^^

2010/01/02(Sat) | レム-さんURLEdit
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