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Hello : )


The February Obsession

Category : Me me me!
Is it just me, or is my blog hit with a virus or something. My friend list has weird characters (and maybe it's because I can't read jap, buuuuuut.....)

I think I've become a little too obsessed with Supercell now. Every day is like: 'Supercell is awesome.' And then I go poking around at other people giving them the brief history of Supercell : 'Ryo this, Nagi that, Redjuice this, Miku Hatsune that.... blah blah blah...' I wonder how many people actually listen to my rambling anyway, maybe two people in my area, if I'm lucky.

And although I'm finally in the 'yr12 mood' after two weeks and a half of year 12, I am still letting myself get distracted by Supercell and other stuff. Like drawing in class when I'm supposed to be doing maths, and graffiting my diary and other stationary with the supercell logo. My ipod is going to be the next item I will be Supercell-ing, by plastering it all over with 'Melt' {na na na na na na na~). I'm going to be working on a Supercell logo cross-stitching template, and maybe other covers eventually too... although I strongly doubt anyone would be using them. And finding colours and their code for things like this is tiring T__T I'm testing out the template for the cross-stitching at the moment, but I ran out of thread....

Pickies under the cut {in the cut? is it called a cut? I'm a tad bit confused here...}

Miku Miku~ Valentine's Day art!!

Category : Me me me!
Here's Miku!
The original & attempt at colouring it on computer

Obviously influenced by 'Love & Roll' by Supercell, vocals- Nagi >u< Sayonara Memories on sale now OH GAWD!

I think I did a swell job of it seeing as I've never done such a task before. It took me around two days and a little cheating >n<. I used the textures for the clothing from this Japanese Textures and Patterns book I bought for around $70, and I never really had any use for it until now. Um, and the background was from like $3 paper. I still do not understand how people can get away with selling a piece of patterned paper for three dollars.... but I'm one of their victims so... sigh~ like no wonder I have no money T^T

Um.... *me with my judgemental cap on* I admit I kind of screwed it up. I can't do skin tones.... *sob, I failed you Miku~ plez forgive me!!!* But I think I did the hair okay.

Please don't notice, please don't notice- Miku has no eyebrows. I can't draw eyebrows. Gomen ne

Edit: I've noticed this a while but never had the time to point this out. And I think it would also be a bit awkward to post three blog entries today >n<. So yah~ Anyone who has been on the Starry Sky website would have noticed that there is a SECOND SEASON OF THE STARRY SKY DATE CDS!!! KYAAAAAH!!! *fangirling~* >u< actually, this is like, for the girls only so ahah~ honeybee is going to continue milking money from their fangirls BIGTIME. AND THERE'S LIKE 2 GUYS FOR TWO MONTHS IN ONE CD~ so hopefully it'll be half the price? Pleaze HB? I'm kind of peeved that ~Scorpio & Sagittarius~ is to be released next year in February, cuz I like Miyaji-kun, cuz he is awesome ^^. Yep, I guess that is all for now. Jahnah~ From Rem ^u^.

P.S I think I'll be reverting to my previous theme soon. The gray whiteness is starting to bug me. Maybe it's becuz I'm a night person.
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